Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Beach Babes

Last week we took our annual beach vacation to Hilton Head, SC with my whole family. We look forward to playing on the beach, eating out way too much, and being frozen to death in our condo by my sister who likes the temperature to be below 70 at all times.... :)

This year I got my calendar confused and scheduled our vacation the same weekend I was coming back from a work trip. So, Kara went to the beach with my sister and her family on Saturday and Todd met me at the Charlotte airport with Sophie and we drove down on Sunday. To say the least this was all a fiasco so I will make sure to not ever do that again.

Our first day on the beach was super fun. 

Then Sophie got pretty sick...she had broncholitis with a fever of 102.4. So she stayed at home most of the days while Kara and I went to the beach. Sophie was on the beach a total of like 5 hours the whole week. But we got some cute pictures. And yes...they did have matching swimsuits because I am that kind of Momma. 

Kara looking not so happy. On the boogie board with Aunt Claudia. Eating lunch. Skipping in the sand.

In case you wonder, that top left picture is when Mommy wasn't watching she put sand in her mouth. And yes that is me in my incognito look (sunglasses and floppy hats) with Sophie--how she spent 3 hours of the 5 she was on the beach. Sleeping on me.

Woah...water. Jumping in the pool. Reading a story with Granda-da. Walk on the beach

Kara loved the pool. Sophie even got in on a little pool action some evenings...when she wasn't giving me super kisses from her car float. 

 Sweet girls. Fun times were had by most. Can't wait until next year!