Friday, March 30, 2012

A funny story and some crafts

I haven't written anything in a while and something happened in the Derrenbacker house Wednesday that I thought was cute and funny and wanted to share. Since the story is too long for a facebook post, here I sit.

Kara woke Todd up (because she knows better than to come to Mommy's side of the bed) at her normal 7am wake-up time fully dressed on Wednesday morning. Todd was impressed, but this has happened before so he wasn't super surprised. She needed help with a sweater or something and then went to play in her room while I slept in a little and Todd took a shower. When he got into the bathroom he noticed the floor was wet...with urine. Yuck.

Here is Kara's story: She got up to go the the potty and just didn't make it. She had an accident in the bathroom. She tried to clean it up with toilet paper. Then she went into her room and changed her clothes. After she got partially dressed she put herself in time out.

She put herself in time out. What kid does that? A sweet one. See, we have been trying to teach her that it is not okay to have accidents when you are at home and just don't want to stop playing long enough to do your business. And she has been in time out a couple of times for not "listening to her body" as I call it. So she thought she was in trouble and why not just face the inevitable. That kid is crazy. And cute. Way cute.

On to other stories. Kara and I did this Pinterest craft (DARN YOU PINTEREST! You eat away ALL my free time!!). It was super fun and is now the first in our framed art collection by Kara.

I made this cuteness of a Easter banner. You can find the tutorial here. It was simple but took a bit of time to cut out all the bunnies and sew them. I had visions of completing it with Kara but she care to really help. Except to whine about how the "bunny arlan" was not ready yet. Her cuteness makes up for her whining...sometimes.


And lastly, my darling Sophie is two months. Actually she is 10 weeks. And her baby cousin Callie was born yesterday! We are so excited to see our new niece Derrenbacker!

Some other things we have been up to past couple of weeks....

Amazement square with our friends. Following in Mommy's footprints perhaps? Todd saw this and said, "When did you take her to work"...haha

Baby wearing at it's best

Spring is here!
Kara at the preschool art show.
Did I mention spring is here? And yes that bear has a super hero cape.
A visit with old friends. I miss this girl. And everyone else. This was the only picture we got of any of my friends that was any good. There will be more times and more pictures this year for sure!
Daddy's 31st birthday!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

For Grammy

We miss you Grammy and Granda-da! Come home soon!

Update on yesterday's post: I do not put my baby on her tummy to sleep. She was suppose to be having supervised tummy time and she promptly fell asleep. So I took some pictures and then turned her over. Like a pancake. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

March Days

I wish I could say we did something fun and exciting this week...but we didn't. We sure were busy, but it was mostly with doctor appointments, work stuff, and errands. But we did get some great days outside because the weather has been wonderful. Kara and I are really looking forward to the warm spring days ahead!
I have some fun things to show you all soon. Kara and I are working on several crafts including finishing up some art work for Sophie's nursery, Easter decorations, and some fun paint activities. 
As for now, there are tons of pictures coming up..enjoy!

 Kara loves playing in the dirt..she was working in the garden this day!

I made some felt cookies for Kara.
She loves them.
And she is finally playing with her baby sling she got for Christmas from her cousin. 

Maybe it has to do with watching Mommy cook while holding Sophie in a very similar sling?

Our target is being remodeled. Which will be great.
Right now though, there are limited supplies of everything.
As one of my facebook friends said, the only guarantee at target these days is they won't have what you need. True.
Including cute girl footed pajamas to keep my princess warm. So now she looks like a boy in these orange ones. But oh well, she has enough pink around her most of the time that it is obvious.

See what I mean about the pink? HUG ME! 

Trying to catch a smile. Instead I get this face. But how cute an expression. hehe...

There's my smile!

 Sleeping in her swing with her lovey. She "loves" that thing and really holds on to it!

Tummy time turned into nap time. 

Big sister woke her up for a little while...

And then proceeded to pat her back to sleep. Look at those two princesses!