Saturday, March 3, 2012

March Days

I wish I could say we did something fun and exciting this week...but we didn't. We sure were busy, but it was mostly with doctor appointments, work stuff, and errands. But we did get some great days outside because the weather has been wonderful. Kara and I are really looking forward to the warm spring days ahead!
I have some fun things to show you all soon. Kara and I are working on several crafts including finishing up some art work for Sophie's nursery, Easter decorations, and some fun paint activities. 
As for now, there are tons of pictures coming up..enjoy!

 Kara loves playing in the dirt..she was working in the garden this day!

I made some felt cookies for Kara.
She loves them.
And she is finally playing with her baby sling she got for Christmas from her cousin. 

Maybe it has to do with watching Mommy cook while holding Sophie in a very similar sling?

Our target is being remodeled. Which will be great.
Right now though, there are limited supplies of everything.
As one of my facebook friends said, the only guarantee at target these days is they won't have what you need. True.
Including cute girl footed pajamas to keep my princess warm. So now she looks like a boy in these orange ones. But oh well, she has enough pink around her most of the time that it is obvious.

See what I mean about the pink? HUG ME! 

Trying to catch a smile. Instead I get this face. But how cute an expression. hehe...

There's my smile!

 Sleeping in her swing with her lovey. She "loves" that thing and really holds on to it!

Tummy time turned into nap time. 

Big sister woke her up for a little while...

And then proceeded to pat her back to sleep. Look at those two princesses!

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