Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend excitements

Saturday Todd and I ventured out to Amazement Square for the first time with Kara. Because it was family night, there were tons of kids and families there, but Kara ignored everyone as usual and seemed to have a great time. Her favorite part I have to say were legos - which we have at home, and a sign at the front entrance that she was able to manipulate by slamming her tiny body into. Pretty cute actually. Todd and I wanted to get something to eat on our way out and after not finding anything we could both agree was kid friendly or that we wanted, we opted for pizza at home.

On Sunday we traveled again on our great house hunting adventure and went back to a house we had seen before that we really liked. The second time was even better. I am happy to say, this might be the one! More info to come!
Kara also got her first Haircuts by Johanna :) She did a great job in the kitchen at Mom's house. She was supercute and now has some supercute bangs too!

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  1. So cute! I remember the boys' first time to Amazement Square, they loved to play with the train table (which we have at home also).