Monday, November 7, 2011

Stupid Monday

I titled this post "Stupid Monday" because I failed my glucose test this morning at the OB office and I'm really irritated about it. Now I have to spend 3 hours of my only day off this week in the office again, doing another glucose test. In the words of one of my friends, "Boo, hiss". Yes that is exactly how I feel.

In cuter news, Kara has done the following adorable things today:
1. Pointed her princess wand at the DVD player in the backseat of the car and tried to turn it on. She did not succeed, but did turn Mommy into a princess prior to entering Target--so not so bad.

2. Shared her security blanket with me when I was trying to get her to fall back asleep. "Here Mommy, you need some blanket too." Then kept making sure when she turned over, I had my little piece.

3. "Mommy, you my best friend"

4.  This afternoon it was in the 60s so I was having a hotflash in the car and put my window down a little and her window down too. To which she replied "Thanks for putting my window down. That was nice of you"---how polite!

We ended the evening with leftover taquitos I made last night, drawing with Daddy, and bathtime. She has a cold and along with every cold she gets now, she gets wheezing and a cough. So back to every 4 hour nebulizer treatments. Here she is before bed cuddled up with Daddy, watching Netflix on his phone and getting her treatment. Couldn't be cuter could they??

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