Friday, November 4, 2011

Lessons from Mom

The last two days Kara has had a little spunk in her than usual. Part of it is the fact that she is coming down with a cold and isn't feeling well. But the worst of it started last night.

Kara and I took a trip down to my parent's house to spend the night. Todd is out of town on business and since I hate (am too scared) to stay at home by myself. After 2 hours of feet stomping, crying, and teeth gnashing, she finally fell asleep at their house. We were both frustrated and exhausted by that time.

This morning she woke up at 7am and my parents let me sleep in while she did grandparent-y things with them like pancakes and crafts. When I woke up my mother reminded me of how when I was a baby she stayed up many nights with me while I was sick and how I was the only baby that she rocked to sleep every night. I rolled my eyes over my coffee and decided that she just "didn't understand".

Kara and I got home after lunch and she continued with her obstinate ways. I put her to bed and she slept only a little over an hour. When she woke up she was super grumpy crazy and threw two major fits within 8 minutes. I put her back in the bed where she cried.

I decided to take her into the new nursery and started to rock her. She cuddled up on my shoulder and fell asleep in my arms. She continued to snore away for 30 minutes in my arms and another hour in her own bed.

I guess my mom knows something or another about raising some babies :)

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