Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dear Sophie-

You are now three months old. One quarter of a year..this is a big milestone for us. I went back to work last week, you learned how to roll over. How did you go from being a tiny newborn who slept and ate all day to this little laughing bundle of cuteness?

You are finally getting use to taking that bottle when Mommy is away although it is clearly not your favorite.  You have rolled over twice but Daddy did not see it either time so he thinks Mommy is making it all up. Silly Daddy. You sleep in your own big crib all swaddled up. And you are happiest in the morning right after you nurse. You laugh and smile so much! Mommy loves it!

And whenever I go in to pick you up after you've been asleep, you are sucking on those sweet little hands. I mean, your whole fist is in your mouth sister. Again, totally cute. 

You and big sister Kara have a very sweet friendship already. Kara loves to play with you and talk to you. She makes you laugh, then she laughs, then I sigh and smile the biggest smile of my day hearing the two of you giggle over each other. She loves to help you too. She puts your paci in when you've dropped it. Last week she tried to put your socks on but could only wrestle one foot in a sock--you were just too wiggly she said!

Big sister was not in a good mood and would NOT open her eyes.

We are also getting to see a peek at your little personality. You love to talk and coo and smile, but only after you get what you want. And when you don't...well let's just say you let us know. Today I had you on my shoulder during one of your "unhappy moments" and you hurt my ears you screamed so loud. I think they were ringing for a few seconds after. Seriously.

And speaking of that temper, your hair is still red in the sunlight. I hope it stays that way. It is so pretty and it matches that personality of yours.

You aren't sleeping through the night yet, but honestly I'm not worried about it. I remember being so worried about all the sleep I was missing with Kara, but with you--I am enjoying every moment of our little late night snuggle time. It is our alone time and I love it because I know soon you will be sleeping through the night and that time will be gone. Too soon.  I'm not in a hurry to give that up yet. (Plus it is only for 20 minutes, once a night...so not too bad girlie!)

I love you more than you will ever know.

Happy 3 month birthday baby girl.


  1. Oh Johanna....this is soooo very sweet. I was the same way with the sleep thing. Now I snuggle them whenever I can. Where has the time gone?? The part about Kara and Sophie's friendship, so sweet. Love, Jen Berry <3

    1. Oh Jen! I know. I remember the first night you came and brought Kacey and dinner right after Kara was born. It seems like yesterday, not three years ago!