Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sophie's Nursery

So we finished off Miss Sophie's room a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to show off my great decorating talents (yeah, right). Really I just want to show you how cute it turned out.

We turned our office/guest room into her nursery when she was born. The walls were already a chocolate brown and I couldn't even think about painting it again because I HATE painting. And it took me 8 months just to get Todd to move the furniture and to touch up the paint so.....chocolate brown and pink were our colors.

I know the whole bird theme is a little old. But I love it. And so when I found this sheet at pottery barn kids I had to get it and then the rest of the things evolved from it. 

 What I crafted or made in the room:

 I found the material at Hobby Lobby in Danville (why Danville?) and made the two curtains. Love this fabric. And I didn't even sew it. I used fusible webbing. Awesome.

Flower Mobile
Not my idea. Found it on my favorite blog. (Aren't they all my favorite?) Pretty easy to put together and hang. The silk flowers were a little expensive so I just saved some AC Moore coupons and bought bridal bouquets with all white flowers at half price. I would just go once a week and use two coupons each time until I had enough to make the mobile.
Here is the real tutorial: http://jonesdesigncompany.com/baby/flower-mobile-again/

Art Print:
I made this a long time ago for our guest room. It just didn't have Sophie's name on it. I stenciled it when we got her nursery ready with sparkly Martha Stewart craft paint. The bird was already there. Just a stencil, glue, and glitter. And the background are mod-podged book pages from books I bought at the Estate Specialists for 25 cents.

Quote in frame
Found this quote on Pinterest (of course). The original quote online was painted on pallet wood. I am too lazy. I printed it out on my Silhouette and framed it. Easy Peasy.

In case you can't read the quote because of the glare: No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you're the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.

 I did not make this. My wonderful cousin who took those adorable newborn pictures made this garland as a picture prop. She let me keep it and it hangs on her door.


So, that's where our little miss spends a lot of her time. Because she sleeps really well and we are sleep-in-your-own-bed kinda family.

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