Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dirty Mess

For those of you who have said to me..."Your house is so clean, I don't know how you do it...."

I don't do it. In fact, I am usually running around the house when I know you are coming over to visit trying to make it look clean.
I'm not sure why I do that. To impress you? Really?

Well I decided to give everyone a little peak into what my house looks like before you come over. This was one afternoon when I was making dinner for a sweet friend who just had her third sweet baby.

But don't think this is just from making that dinner...notice a lunch box from the day before, cabinets open (because I CANNOT be bothered to close a cabinet while I'm cooking), and multiple bottles lined up by the sink. Oh, the kitchen looks like this at least once a day and sometimes just stays this way for a while.

The front door "drop off"---Diaper bag, shoes, box of diapers someone gave me, unpacked Walmart bags on the table. 

Todd fusses at me all the time because I make a terrible mess when I cook. And I don't clean up as I go. I just let him do it all. Because in our house, one person cooks, the other cleans up. But lately, Todd has been pulling more than his fair share (thanks, babe) an I have been making more messes.

And yes, those are pants there by the lettuce and tomato sauce.  Apparently the drop off zone migrated towards the island, as it normally does.

Don't judge me.
Just keepin' it real folks, keepin' it real.

Here's one of my favorite bloggers doing the same.
The Nester

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