Friday, June 15, 2012

Sophie: 5 Months

 My sweet little green pea,

Tomorrow you turn 5 months.Where did those 5 months go? Last year at this time I was contemplating an overdose of Zofran and wondering when and if I would ever NOT feel nauseated. But I knew it was all worth it.
Boy, did I ever underestimate how worth it.

Seriously kiddo, you are the cutest thing since Kara. You bring such joy to my days. I cherish all the time we get to spend together rocking and playing and having you just be a babe.
You started eating "real" food last week. Yum Yum. You love it. Daddy even wondered if your sitter secretly started feeding you early because you mastered eating from a spoon in like 3 days. And you cry because we are just not fast enough. You don't even do that really frustrating "I'm gonna stick my tongue out as soon as you put the food in" thing. It's great.

 You are happy and you giggle a little more now. And you love to roll side to side. Over and over. So much so that I can't leave you on the bed anymore, and I can't really leave you anywhere without a pile of pillows all around you so you don't roll into a wall or onto a hard surface and crack your head.

And Kara still loves you to pieces. She left you with me to go with Grammy today and she only said goodbye to "Sop-sie". Not Mommy, you know, the woman that feeds her and clothes her, and lavishes all her energy on her..nope-only to her sweet baby sister. I'm sure she misses you much more than me. You guys are going to be buds..and probably gang up on me more than not. But I'm okay with that. I guess....

 Mommy and Daddy love you and are loving getting to see your little personality grow.
Happy Father's day to Daddy this weekend!

"Well Hi There!"

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