Sunday, August 5, 2012

Big Day

 Today was a big day at our house....

Most kids get their first bikes on a birthday or at Christmas. But let's be honest. Kara's 3rd birthday in January was only 5 days after Sophie was born and being outside teaching her how to ride a bike was not in my plans.

So we waited...and last night we went out at 8pm, picked out a bike and put it together.

 So....technically Todd put it together--but that's just details.
Working hard to help Daddy

Yup..that's a Pinkalicious bike. Even comes with those cute handle bar streamers and a bike seat for Baby Doll. 

 We had fun. And she did SO GOOD. I mean really, Todd and I are possibly the two least athletic people I know. And she picked up on that bike like it was nobody's business. She even has braking down for the most part. I am such a proud Momma bear!

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