Monday, February 13, 2012

Date Night

Hot Stuff, right?
Last night Todd and I had a date night. My parents are leaving for Florida sometime soon (suppose to be this week) and they agreed to watch the girls for us so we could go out before they left. 
We went to the Melting Pot in Charlottesville. We have been there once before and really enjoyed it--and we had a coupon so we decided that would be our early valentine's day dinner. Which is really special since we don't usually even celebrate V-day.

My first glass of Sangria for at least a year. Yum!

 The first year we were married I made a chicken pot pie from scratch and got nothing, the next year he wised up and bought me a ...wait for it... universal remote? So I plan our Valentine activities now. :) The reality is, my husband does not need a special day to remind me how much he loves me. He does a pretty good job on average days.

And the food was great! And we went to Whole Foods after for some shopping. I was in awe...I want a whole foods in Lynchburg so badly. Maybe one day.

We had a great time just talking without being interrupted and being able to say anything we wanted without "little ears" listening. We talked about politics, food, and everything. It was great.

Top two quotes of the night? See my facebook post :)

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