Thursday, February 2, 2012


So far it's been an exciting week here in the Derrenbacker household...not really but we did have one pretty exciting event. Kara's first "real" haircut. I cut her bangs a couple times when she was around 1-2 but we've been letting it grow out for some time now. And it was a mess. I was so tired of dealing with it and all the stuff that got in, marker, paint, chapstick. Yuck.
So here is a before picture...

And here is after:

Super cute right??
She looks really grown up, which makes me a little sad.
I also am a terrible mother as I forgot my camera during said haircut.
But I also had an infant 15 days I have an excuse??

Here are some precious sleeping baby pictures

I can't believe how tiny she is. Or that Kara was ever that little. That pacifier is the size of her head almost. She started taking that on Tuesday night--and is a great little thing to have when we are trying to keep her awake a little in the evenings but don't want her to scream the whole time :)

And lastly, here we have Miss Cool Pants in Mommy's sunglasses. She picked them up on the way down to snack time on Wednesday and then said, "Okay Mom, I'm ready to go outside now." Could she be any sweeter?

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