Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project 365

Have you ever heard of Project 365?  Okay so really it's for photographers or people who want to be photographers. I am neither. But I like the idea of taking pictures every day for one year. I think it will help us sort of catalog all the fun we have this year. My pictures are not super artsy or even that great. But they are of what this family does. And to us, that's important.

So you should also know that I've not been great with doing something every single day.  And it's only January 11...I know, pretty pathetic right? So this may not be Project 365...but Project "Whenever Johanna remembers to take a picture" Worth a try right?

Here are the last two weeks worth of pictures. Some of them you have seen in previous posts. I'll try to post at least once a week--again, we'll see how that goes!

My new toy! Came in great for making Kara's party decorations.

Todd took this picture one morning while eating breakfast. There are about 15 birds out there. This is the view from our kitchen table to the backyard.

Kara and I relaxing after dinner and playing with the Kindle.

Kara's family portrait

Came home early from work to paint this and surprise Kara.

Birthday Party Day! LOVE this picture.

Kara was feeling a little sick so we were cuddling on the couch...again

Woke up early (530am) and couldn't go back to sleep so I made breakfast. Yum!

Painting...and loving it.

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  1. Love Kara's family KNOW you have to save that forever!
    I love the idea of a pic every day. I would never be able to accomplish it. Actually, I could take the pictures but then I would never do anything with it once on my camera. Good luck with it because that would be really fun to look back on :)