Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our weekend

This weekend...

We enjoyed our last two days with Daddy home from work....

 And the last naps taken on the couch (this is my favorite thing about a newborn, hours of uninterrupted snuggle time)

First baths.....

She really did like the bath for the most part. But who likes getting their hair washed??

Big Sissy helping with the bath-she supervised Mommy

Cooing with Sophie and really enjoying her awake time

Look at that baby fuzz!

A visit by Grammy and Granda-da
Princess dress-up....

We were so lucky over the last two weeks to have dinner provided by our wonderful friends and family--we had something every night. But alas the gravy train ran out (har-har) and I had to cook on Sunday. 
We had fried cube steak, roasted potatoes with rosemary and garlic (from the frozen section at walmart) and some whole wheat toast.

I also made this scrumptious salad--so YUMMY

Recipes for both the cubed steak and salad were from The Pioneer Woman. Found here and here.
 Enjoy! Have a good week! :)

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